The ferry was originally started by 
John W.Berryman, Francis McKee.
It was later owned by Thorton S. 
Chalfant then Alexander S. Latta, and 
then William C. Huggins. The ownership then went to James A. Jacobs then his 2 sons, Harry Penny Jacobs and Charles Blaine Jacobs.
Harry Penny Jacobs was the executor 
of the estate.
He hired Donald Buchanan to operate 
the ferry from c.1904 to 1923.

James A. Jacobs also owned an ice 
house in Fayette City. It is said that 
before he bought the ferry, he counted 
the passengers coming off to see just 
how profitable it was.In those days, 
the ferryboat was named "Eleanor", 
after Eleanor Jacobs Beck the oldest 
daughter of Harry Penny Jacobs.  It 
was made of wood.

The main operator after Donald 
Buchanan was Andy Levitski. In the 
early '50s, that ferry was sold and a 
new steel ferry was purchased from 
Coal Center, Pa. It's name was "Consol", 
then later changed to "Eleanor" also. 

(pictured on first page).

Those years 
included as operators:
Frank C."Jake" Jacobs, Sr.
(my Grandfather),
Frank C."Tinky" Jacobs, Jr. (my Dad),
Delbert Gottke (my Uncle),
Thurman Smith,
and a man named "E. H."

Edwin Smith, Thurman's brother
and Carl Franz.

Harry Penny Jacobs was the executor 
of the J.A. Jacobs estate until 1948.
After that,
Della May Jacobs became executor.
The estate included the ferry itself, 
the land along the shoreline, shanties 
and out buildings, and a grand house 
that also included a general store.
John W. Berryman, whose name introduces this biographical sketch, received a liberal education, and passed his youth in East Pike Run township, this county. He began business life by running a ferry at Allenport, a vocation he followed for some years. In 1876 he came to Coal Centre, where he successfully carried on a meat market until 1887, in which year he entered into partnership with a Mr. Gleason in the grocery trade.

The ferry a short distance north of the town was started after the property came 
into possession of Mr. McKee.  On the 13th of September, 1861, he conveyed to 
Thornton S. Chalfant the land know as the “Ferry Property,” and Chalfant was “to 
have the entire ferry privilege from the lands of Joseph Krepps down the river 
shore to the lands of Isaiah Frost’s heirs;” possession was obtained April 1, 1862.  
the ferry passed through several hands, and in December, 1872, it was sold by 
Alexander S. Latta to William C. Huggins.

These are postcards from our collection.