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  2. Tricon Clinic
    Tricon Clinic
Hope Alive! Clinic in Mariani, our first, was built in 1998 and opened in 1999, just outside the slum of Carrefour.

Thousands of Haitians have been healed and fed in the Name of Jesus.  The Gospel continues to be preached to everyone who enters, and many have chosen to "take up their cross and follow Jesus".

Mariani Clinic is our base of operations. This building includes the clinic, examrooms, pharmacy, offices, storage
and our newly opened Dental Clinic, 

Solace Child Nutrition Hospital along with our Visitor Center.
​Mariani Clinic Center
opened in July 2001.  Open 3 days a week, 50-70 patients travel for many hours, sometimes 
overnight, for our services. 
Nurse Piard Sonya is responsible for the Mom-Tot Program and pharmacies in Tricon.  She has
been working with Hope Alive since Feb 2013.She is a good employee, devoted to her job.  To get to work in Tricon, it takes Nurse Sonia and Nurse Suze about an hour every Tuesday and Thursday by motorcycle, usually on muddy roads. 

  In 2004 and 2005 we opened 2 clinics near
St. Marc: Colminy (or Kolmini) and
  Parent (near Ponde Sonde).  In 2011 we successfully gave them both over to their respective local communities.